Monday, July 25, 2011

Gold Coast Hurricanes

Many of you may know that most of my spare time is consumed with softball. I'm an assistant coach at a local high school, and I also coach an elite summer travel team called Gold Coast Hurricanes.
This tumbler was given to me as a gift from one of my favorite seniors :)

Due to the hectic softball schedule this weekend I was unable to hit the gym or do any cardio. Although I think I lost a few lb's standing out in the 95 degree heat coaching 6 games. Mad props to my girls for PLAYING 6 games in this awful Florida heat.

On Friday night Mike and I were seriously craving some greasy bar food so we headed over to a local favorite, Landlubbers. As we sat down and took a peak at the menu I figured Mike was going to order the most unhealthy appetizer on the menu (a entire plate full of fried food: pickles, wings, mozzarella sticks, etc). The waitress came over to take our orders before I even got passed the appetizers so I let Mike order first. After having my mind set on a delicious plate of fried fun, Mike decides to order a platter of RAW Oysters (Barf).
I promised him I would try ONE. He prepared one for me on a saltine cracker with some lemon juice, hot sauce, and tartar sauce. Even with all that yumminess on top it was still disgusting!
Now that the crazy softball weekend is over and I never have to see another oyster again, it's back to healthy life. I woke up extra early this morning to surprise Mike with breakfast after his AM work out.

This morning I had an everything bagel toasted and scooped with an egg white scramble (spinach, red peppers, mushrooms,and a little bit of cheese), topped off with two slices of turkey bacon. Oh, and I can't forget my usual cup of Joe. Super delish!  

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